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Monday, November 03, 2008

And Now A Word From Molly...

I have found a "new" podcast that has made it to my "must" playlist.

Molly Wood is one of the hosts of Buzz Out Loud, which is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, to say the least. It's for the geeks out there that want to hear about the latest and greatest in technology, including new phones (Google's Android is discussed often), Netbooks (way cheaper than a Mac), and those great websites where you can see everything on one page...or NOT.

I also follow her tweets (I am a Twitter-Facebook-Podcast-Blogging addict that wants no cure) and saw a warning that she had posted a very opinionated political blog post. Hmmmm...what controversy could she stir up for me?

Actually, I was just looking to see who she was planning to support and what she had to say about it. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to read an awesome post criticizing the support of Proposition 8 -- which is on California's ballot to end same-sex marriage. I couldn't have written this any better, or as detailed, as Molly, but my passion is right on the money with hers.

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