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Monday, November 03, 2008

The Aftermath

So I had a great race yesterday and I don't know if the aftermath is a sign of how great it was.

PAIN. I am in a great deal of pain. Walking is difficult and taking stairs is even worse. I walk as though I am bow-legged at a pace that the slowest turtle could beat me.

My hips are what are killing me the worse. Legs are tight but the hips are paining me. I slept horribly last night as I could not get comfortable. And at one point, my left leg was killing me so badly because every move I tried to make, I had shots of killer pain come through me. So it took a good ten or so minutes to move that leg just so I could turn over to a different side to sleep!

No other race I have done has me end up with this much pain. It's as if I ran the frickin' marathon!

And then on top of that, my stuffiness is worse. I woke up in a sneeze-a-thon and my head is just reeling from the congestion. Let's hope it's the dreaded 'the-morning-is-the-worse-part' and it'll get better as the day progresses...

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