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Friday, October 10, 2008

Who Did This?

The other day Mi-Mi showed me something she did at school. She read it to me:

I like sunshine
I like trees
I like dancing
In the breeze
I turn orange
I turn brown
I go sailing
To the ground
I am crispy

I thought it was sweet and I asked where she got it from. She said "I did it".

I was like, "okay, but where did you copy it from?"

She starts getting quiet and says "i didn't copy it".

I'm befuddled. I think 'there's no way a five year old can write a rhyming poem, can they?' I'm trying to recall if CJ had done anything similar. WHAT DO FIVE YEAR OLDS DO???

So I had to explain: I'm not mad! I'm thrilled! I just can't believe you did that!

Finally, she realized I wasn't giving her the third degree and smiled.

But she had to go through the whole thing again when Tim got home and she read it to him...


  1. Impressive, I love it! Hrm, maybe she should join your teen writing thing. :)

    I especially like the last line.

  2. She actually doesn't have it written on the paper, but she says she didn't have time to put the rest of it down. It's just too funny and I'm not sure what she was thinking when she wrote it...

  3. I think Mi Mi's poem is awesome.