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Friday, October 10, 2008

Two Day Bust

I had such a great week with my runs and workouts.

Saturday I ran 13 1/2 miles. The second long run I've done before my upcoming 10K and half marathon. The first long run, at 12.6 miles, was really good (and tough). This 13.1 (then a .4 cool down jog) was much more challenging than the 12.6 but I looked at it as practicing for the mental challenge that I'll endure during the race.

But my body felt it after the run...and well, that felt GOOD.

Monday was another four mile run which was difficult to do. I waited for an afternoon run vs. my usual morning run, but I really just wanted to sleep in. So my body was a little confused by the change and the weather, well, was just a little to warm than I would have liked. But I did it.

Tuesday, I had a very challenging workout. This was a track workout, after a mile and a half warm-up. Track was 1600, 1200, then 2x800, with each being faster than the other. And I pushed myself hard because it would be the last challenging workouts before my races.

Wednesday was Back to the Core where we worked hard on our core areas. I was feeling great at the soreness throughout my body. I was feeling GREAT.

Then hell broke loose.

One: allowing work to get into my head and interfere with my personal life.
Two: having a wacky-ass schedule where I need to fit in a five mile run, drop the kids off, have a three hour hair appointment, work, be home for the piano teacher, then turn around and get ready for a date, and by the way, stress out over work!
Three: PMS symptoms brings on, well, you know. Most likely why work is stressing me out.

So what ends up happening? I don't get my five mile run in.

And when I don't get my runs in, they make me cranky. And when I get cranky, I drink a lot of wine when I go out with my friends to enjoy myself.

Fridays, I swim in the morning. But because of #3, I wasn't going to go swimming.

So now, two of my important workouts, two days in a row, are out and I don't like it. I don't like missing my workouts.

But the silver lining is that I did play an hour of wallyball and was able to vent out my work frustrations. Well, until I started thinking about stuff and then suddenly, my neck stiffened up at the end of the fourth game. I did the right thing and stopped from playing a fifth game...and I had a great time and a great workout, so all was not lost.

But I still hate missing my workouts.

But I plan to start all over again tomorrow.

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