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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Speaking of Keywords...

I thought I'd share some of the funny ones that find their way to my blog. Some are quite bizarre, to say the least. But that is the luxury of google and finding anything and everything with an olio of information. I have nearly 200 keyword entries, so I'll add the number that these come up within those 192. And yes, I skim through them, each page at a time...:-) The more, um, creative, the further down they show up.

#10 "white biker trash"
#11 "cheese night"
#30 "always pain in left foot"
#32 "austin bat tattoos"
#35 "big bump on the cheek bone from hit"
#66 "douche bag rum-runners raleigh"
#72 "friends showering in the locker room"
#81 "hot left foot"
#85 "i am an asshole and i should die"
#93 "introducing parakeets and cats"
#94 "is light headiness a side effect of blood pressure medicine"
#108 "light bulb phobia"
#110 "locker room shower etiquette"
#143 "puzzles on caring about my family"
#180 "vampire, birth control"


  1. The searches people do never cease to amaze me. Vampire birth control? You have to think they were searching for something specific, and those were the keywords they remembered. But still, pretty funny!

    I got an especial kick out of "friends showering in the locker room."

  2. These are great! I haven't received too many interesting ones on my blog, yet. Makes me consider what oddball searches that I have done in the past. Someone is looking at their Google Analytics and thinking, "uh, what???"

    Something tells me that the Googlers did not always find what they were hoping to find!