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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Race Countdown

I signed up with a coach in May to train for two races: Neuse River Bridge Run 10K and City of Oaks Half Marathon. These races are now fast approaching.

This Saturday, October 18th, will be my 10K. Two weeks from that, on November 2nd, I will be doing the biggie: the half marathon.

So my training this week is not going well. And it's only Tuesday. My week of training begins on Monday.

I ran five miles yesterday and my legs felt odd. They were trying to figure out what this "running" thing is. Hello? What have we been doing for the past ten years???

I picked Black Creek Trail because it's the flattest two miles that we have in all of the triangle (if you know of any flat courses, besides the dreadmill and the track, let me know).

And with it being flat, my legs were still screaming. Especially my right calf. TIGHT as hell. I hoped that easing into the run would ease the tightness out. It did a little but there was a slight tightness throughout, just enough to remind me that it's 'there'.

So I'm trying to figure out what I did over the past few days that wore the suckers out. I haven't figured out anything unusual so I'm still befuddled.

But at the end, the right knee started feeling strange. Weak. As though it would give way anytime soon.

Then I remember that last week, I was at a meeting and as I stood up from the chair, my right knee gave way and I had to "refresh" my stand.

And shortly after finishing yesterday's run, after showering and heading back to the office, I noted that the knee gave in a couple more times on steps.

WTF is going on now? I'm just days away from one of my two races I've trained for and my knee wants to act up on me?

I did run about two miles today. I felt pretty good, although any hills made my legs feel tired. I think I'm thinking too much about it, of course. But overall, the run today was much better than yesterday and my coach actually recommended that I sit today out.

But it was sooooo nice out the sun blaring down on our piece of the world...but I just felt like a run. And $Bill was willing to have me invade his running time by joining him for a short jaunt around work.

It was lovely and I felt a little better about myself, fitness-wise. We'll see. I still have three days left to panic.


  1. why don't you focus your energy on your buddy the VP candidate and stop thinking about all that can go wrong with your race. Take care of the knee and relax, you'll be fine :-)

  2. I have to worry about everything...ruminate, ruminate, ruminate...that's what I do...WHAT'S THE CURE???