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Friday, October 17, 2008

On the Road to the River

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 18th, is my 10K race in New Bern.

Actually, I am writing from New Bern now.

New Bern is a beautiful, podunk town. It is next to an inlet that goes into the Pamlico Sound and eventually, into the Atlantic. It happens to be a place that Tim and I have ventured to several times, before children. Which is very cool, because for the most part, no one that I know _now_ has ever heard of New Bern.

Heading down to New Bern took us back down the path of our old "digs". Tim and I were Air Force people -- me the brat and now brat-wife; Tim, the actual GI. We lived in Goldsboro from 1989-1991. First, in a double-wide trailer off of a byroad off of Hwy70 -- very close to the best BBQ place ever, Wilbur's...then eventually, finding our way to base housing at Seymour Johnson AFB, where Tim was stationed at.

The double-wide was a blessing. We could not, for the life of us, find any housing that would allow our children at the time, our two dogs Zimba (my chihuahua) and Sugar (our dobie-mixed mutt). But one guy gave us this place, at a whopping $400 a month. A lot of fricking money for us back then. The place was awesome -- humongous.

But I still remember the day Tim came to my work place, Seymour Johnson Federal Credit Union. I was working there as a bank teller while taking classes at various colleges (Mount Olive, Wayne County Community, etc.) when Tim came in and gave me the best news ever: we had a home on-base.

Now, for you civilians out there, base housing is where you want to be. Free room-and-board. Almost my entire life was spent on base housing. It's the only housing I know. I could only feel safe and complete living on the base.

We lived at 812 Lufbery Drive at Seymour Johnson. The duplex was a scat 900 square feet; possibly less. It was a two bedroom, 1 bath place where Tim put up a chain link fence all by his lonesome self -- just for our dogs. And by golly, two years later, when we left that house, he took that fence down because the next tenant wouldn't pay for any amount of that fence, thinking we would just leave it up...

Anyway, life at Lufbery was grand. Until the Gulf stuff began. And just FYI: we were all for the invasion of Kuwait and doing to Iraq whatever we needed to do. That all changed as soon as it affected us: Tim had to go over there when it was Desert Shield, and he continued to stay there through Desert Storm. When did we find out? Just a few short weeks before Christmas. I spent my christmas alone and I kept the tree up until he came back, which was in May of the following year.

But, enough of that...I'll delve into that for another blog posting...

Back to New 1992 we moved to Greenville, NC. For a year before moving to Greenville, I commuted daily to ECU from Lufbery. A good hour drive on a good day. Eastern NC is very familiar to me...

When we moved to G'ville, Tim commuted from G'ville to Seymour Johnson.

While in G'ville, we frequented New Bern for their Ghost Walks during the month of October. And on at least one occasion, we went out there for wakeboarding. I don't think I tried it...I'm not a big water sports person, but it was fun hanging out in the sound on a boat, flying around there.

I recognize some of the parts here but man, it's been a loooonnng time. But it was super cool to have flash backs to a different time of our lives and trying to relive what we were doing at that time.

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  1. I hope the race went well! I enjoyed reading about more pieces of your past.