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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kids Say The Darndest Things VI

This morning, I told CJ that Obama's grandmother was ailing and not doing very well and that Obama was on his way to visit her. She took the information in...looked very sad...and said "ohhhh..." Then within seconds, she said "But the good thing is that maybe people will feel bad for him and will vote for him..."

This evening, the hellion (Mi-Mi) was again, rambunctious and crazy. She was being scolded for not going to the bathroom to brush her teeth. I told Tim: her head is harder than yours (and it is...she can beat us at the game of chicken). Anyway, she refused to go without someone going with her...which was the battle: no one is going with you. So Tim said to her "Do you want me to count to three?!?" and she replied "No, I want you to count to 100." And Tim glared at her and she countered with "How about 99?"

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  1. Funny Funny Mi Mi, I guess this post shows me what my future might be like. We do the count thing too and I can easily imagine one of ours getting the gumption to diss me with it.