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Monday, October 27, 2008

Going Up?

My office building has seven floors: B for basement, then floors 1 through 6. My office is on the sixth floor and despite the fact that I work out nearly every day, I rarely take the stairs. I could blame it on my fear of heights but it's really because I'm just plain lazy.

I found something particular odd and funny today. It is only worth mentioning because it involved the same person.

When I get to work, I'm on the first floor. I select the UP button and wait for the elevator. I notice that the elevator is on the basement level. One floor below 1 and seven floors below the sixth floor.

When the elevator goes up ONE floor -- again, from the basement to the first floor -- I walk into the elevator cab. There is a woman already there who attempts to walk out, as though she has reached her floor. I turn to push the number "6" for my floor when I notice that it is already selected. The sole passenger who attempted to walk out after just one floor is, in fact, going to the sixth floor.

This happened for the first time last week. Same person. Same absent-minded maneuver to leave the elevator after reaching the first floor from the basement. I found it funny last week because I thought "how did you think or even feel that you just went up seven floors? that was a short ride!" But when it happened AGAIN today?! I found it plain odd, in a weird sort of way...


  1. You'll have to tell me who it is. I'm curious now.

  2. She is an alien and is not familiar with our ways.

  3. you know, the alien angle is probably right on the money. i remember reading about all those alien traits when trying to judge whether your co-workers are aliens trying to pass off as humans...