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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Girls Rule, Boys Drool

CJ is being evaluated for the AG (academically gifted) program at her school.

This happened while in second grade and she didn't get in, which was good for us back then. This time, however, she is striving for herself to get in (where as before, she didn't understand the concept), so Tim and I are rooting for her.

For the record, we are ambivalent about the whole thing. The amount of work this county does for their students NOW is by far more challenging than it was when Tim and I were in school. So adding to the challenges? I'm not really for that. CJ can stress herself out on her own and I don't necessarily want her to stress herself out more. But...I do want her to push herself to do more, if she is able.

I am extremely proud, though, of her quest to this challenge. She was extremely excited about the fact that she was being evaluated. And last week, her first test for the program came to play, and she was excited about that too.

She came home and said "I took my first test with Ms. AGTestLady". I asked her how it went. She said the questions were really easy. Great! I say.

I then asked if there were other people being tested and she said yes. I asked if any were her friends or classmates. First she shook her head no, then she said "Ted" was being tested too.

I know "Ted" from some of her conversations. I just can't remember if he was the weird one, or the one that makes her kind of smile upon relaying a story.

It doesn't matter because I then ask "Are there other girls in this program?" And she replied with "there are mainly boys". I'm getting my ruffles feathered, or feathered ruffles...I wasn't in the AG program in wait, I was. It was called "Honors Program"...

I then tell her that I never understood why men seemed to do better in academics than women. I retold that when I was in school, it was the same: there were more boys in my honors, or advanced math classes, than girls. And I seemed to be one who worked hard to figure out answers, which seemed to easily come to them.

This did not change even in college, although I would find a sprinkle of smart girls. But the men overwhelmed women in my computer science and math classes. And it would seem that they would do very little in studying or in the projects, but could answer the questions much better than I would...or could.

So I told her, with a gleam in her own eye, that she should represent for girls, and hopefully, inspire more girls to do what she's doing.

For now, she is a hard working girl. Extremely independent about her school work and gets it done fast and with little-to-no help from mom and dad. She enjoys it and is even cocky about it "it's soooo easy". But she has our back, once those problems become less easy. If that means she doesn't get into the AG program, it will probably be CJ that is more disappointed than Tim or I will ever be, but we will be proud of her no matter what.

And as it happened before, the invitation to join can appear again in the future...


  1. Nice job, CJ! My school must have been unusual. We had far more females than males in our honors classes at my high school. Some of our honors classes only had ONE guy! I thought that was the norm. I believe we only had one guy in the top 20 of our graduating class.