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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I was bummed, and slightly flabbergasted, that my local Democratic Party office did not have any yard signs.

Actually, this is how the conversation went.

DPO: Hello. Wake County Democratic Party office.

Me: Hi, I'm calling to find out if you have yard signs?

DPO: For which candidate?

Me: Um, how about Kay Hagan and Obama?

DPO: um...hmmm...hang on.

< two minutes pass >

DPO: Ma'am? Hello?

Me: Yes!

DPO: We don't have those signs at this office.


So I tell this story to Tim and the girls. Tim suggests that we snag an Obama sign off the side of the road. Then CJ came up with the best idea ever.

She said "How about we just take a McCain sign and cross it out and put Obama on it?"

My girl is a genius. And by golly, there are plenty of McCain signs on the side of the road...


  1. Apparently there has been a shortage of Obama signs in this area. We tried to get one but failed. Luckily, our across-the-street neighbor volunteers for the campaign and heard we wanted one. He snagged one for us from the next shipment.

    I need to write another post about Kay Hagan. I support her for reasons other than just that she met with nonbelievers, which i posted about. But she's got a lot of good stuff going on.

  2. I haven't looked it up but I bet that there is an ordinance against doing what we want to do: defacing a political ad...or something like that. I was waiting for someone to tell me I couldn't do that...but i'm going to the state fair today and the parties usually man a booth maybe i'll get some info on where i can get one.