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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Early Voting

The early voting location near my house opened up today for, well, early voting. I decided to do my civic duty and cast my vote.

A few weeks ago, I was torn about voting early and taking in the Election Day ambience. But the morbidity of my personality came up with this thought: what if I die before election day? And thus, I was convinced to go early and make it count while I could. No procrastination.

I took Mi-Mi and CJ along, after their piano lessons. On the way to the building, CJ bellowed at the cars with McCain stickers. I was quite proud.

There were several political folks handing out fliers outside of the building. One young man had a stapled document that he asked me to read while I wait. I never did although I gleaned through it when I got home. I was impressed. A personal manifesto about our health care system and why he thought Obama's was better. I admired the young man for expressing his views enough to write, print, and hand out to voters.

And just so I show some non-partisanship, I took the GOP handouts too. I respect the volunteers who stand out there for their cause, whether I believe them or not.

The line was outside but moved very quickly to the indoors. Once indoors, I had to deal with Mi-Mi's fear of grates and heights. This would be the grated wall that separates the second floor from the stairs to the first floor. She is deathly afraid of it. But she wouldn't come to me after I passed the grated wall, which would entail her walking alongside the _other_ side and just coming to me. So, as I played "chicken": I'm going to keep going my own way and ignore her whining...her whines became louder and louder and more I caved as usual and grabbed her hand and hauled her little but over to where I left the line.

Finally, we all three make it in and I get my ballot. Now I am standing in line for a voting booth. I hear the volunteer say that we can use the table, if we are comfortable with voting without privacy. No one in the line budged.

Why? Are they afraid I'm going to peek and steal their answers? So I made my statement by plowing through and sitting my butt down right in the middle of two other folks and colored in my little ovals (no electronic voting in our city...the capital city of North Carolina).

I showed CJ Obama's name. And quickly picked my straight party ticket and then headed over to side two to select my non-partisan officials. I had my cheat sheet with the names of the people I read about and liked. As I wrapped up my ballot, Mi-Mi says "where is obama's name?" so I flipped the ballot over to show it to her. She smiled and I felt great. My girls, yes, influenced by Tim and I, know Obama's name...can read it...and root for him.

As we left the building, I told my girls how I couldn't wait to register to vote when I turned 18. I told them that I had voted for George Bush. CJ looked at me like "WTF was your problem?" I explained that this was not Dubya, but Dubya's dad. And that at 18, I knew nothing and how I was so glad that I actually learned right from wrong since then.

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