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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Development of a Cold

The Beginning: That burning sensation - that you can literally point at on the throat, that starts on one side (left or right).

Progression: As the day progresses, it slowly morphs to the middle, then to the other side so that the entire throat is now burning. And we call that a "sore throat". So much more painful than a sore... The time I really know that I am sick? When I have no appetite...that does NOT happen.

More Progression: Soon, the headache begins. A dull, again, point-to-the-spot-on-your-head spot that reminds you that the "cold" is taking over.

End of Day One: a little panic: trying to find blame, who is responsible for this? Why me? Why now? Mind over matter will work! Echinacea? Tylenol? Water, water everywhere!! Hot liquids!! Try to fight this thing off...

Day Two Begins: wake up, forgetting that anything is wrong with me, rush to the door to let animals out of girls' bedroom and then it hits me: uggggghhhh...I don't feel so good. Oh yeah. I was getting sick! My throat feels yucky and I am woozy. Great. This doesn't feel like it is improving.

Attempt to go back to sleep but the mind won't stop thinking. CANCEL ALL MY APPOINTMENTS! I am done for the day (and it's only 5:15 AM).

Currently close to 11 AM and still feel pitiful. Tim sent me a link to an article on "Should You Run When Your Sick", which certainly will NOT happen today. I'll be lucky to get out and go to the bathroom. So far, everything ailing is above the next except for lack of appetite (isn't that in the brain?) and the slight burning sensation in the middle of my chest.

Let's see how the rest of Day Two progresses. I still have two days before race day. Perhaps I can rush the symptoms and get them over with before then (yeah, right) or at the very least, temper the symptoms enough to wait until after the race...

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  1. I always hate getting sick, but it really sucks when it gets in the way of your plans. I hope you'll feel well enough to run your race. I know how hard you work for those and how much you look forward to them. I'm sending happy, get well thoughts your way!