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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Branding At Its Best

What I have found to be an interesting tidbit about the Obama campaign is it's branding. Specifically...the logo:

Very early on in the campaign, I noticed the logo as a bumper sticker. No words. Nothing. Just the logo. And I knew exactly what it stood for.

Do you readers know how freaking amazing that is? To create a logo, to brand your company, and in this case, your NAME, your philosophy, your candidacy for President of the freakin' U S of A that is just a matter of months? This is extremely unusual in the business world, let alone for one man.

And I don't recall, offhand with very little research, seeing this kind of branding take place in any of the last several elections. To me, this speaks millions for the people who work with Obama's campaign.

Innovative. Young. Technology-driven. Artistic. Serious. Refreshing. Intelligent.

All from that simple picture that represents the USA: red, white and blue and well, the "O" for Obama. Genuis!!

BTW, here is McCain's logo for comparison. Simple, but certainly not creative nor original:

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  1. Good points! I don't know that I would recognize McCain's logo without his name, but Obama's quickly became recognizable. I also thought that Al Swanstrom's campaign branding was interesting. For weeks, I was wondering what all these swan signs were about...then the same signs had the swan and the words, "it's time." Finally, the signs had his name, but before this happened I had already done my own research to try to find out what was up with these swan signs. Brilliant!