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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Book 'Em

I use google analytics just to see how my blog is doing in the "real" world, out there on 'da net'.

There's really cool information to see like my top content, keywords, locations throughout the world of people that hit it (doesn't mean they read it), etc.

For awhile now, my top content has been my book review posts. Cool! I think. Although I would have thought my more controversial political fare would have been hit more often, but those have not shown up in the top five overall.

Still, I think: neat that people are accessing my book reviews. There are so many out there, so even being targeted, well, I felt privileged to have someone read my thoughts.

Until a month or so ago. I realized, looking through my keywords, that perhaps, my reviews were not to see if someone agreed with my review or not, or whether to read the book...but to actually find out about the book...for...a...BOOK REPORT!

Two keyword searches I found: "book reports on a "spot of bother"" and "book report for the ghosts grave". There are more that could indicate this as well, such as "how does duma key end" or "tell me about the book ghosts grave by peg kehret".

Whatever. The more the merrier! I didn't have this kind of access to the crappy books required of me during school (and for the record, these books aren't too shabby if they are required reading...Ghost's Grave? One can read it in two hours!).

Lord knows I bullshitted many a book report WITHOUT CLIFFSNOTES. The funny thing about a few of those book reports - one being The Brothers Karamazov, a whopping 824 pages - is that I read not one lick...okay, with the Dostoesvky I read the first page...and ACED the report. So then, I knew, my teachers were not reading these books either...

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  1. I bullshitted many a book report, too. I remember one was A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, which is an account of a day in prison for this guy Ivan. I didn't read much of it. I wrote a scathing book report about how idiotic the book was... and got an A+. I couldn't believe it. Part of me thinks the teacher was just amused to read something "different".