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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And This Is The Downside to "Kid's Night"

This is what my genius 10 year old daughter said last night at Wildflour Boston Pizza.

Last night was school night at Wildflour for CJ and Mi-Mi's school. We try to support those nights, since proceeds go back to their school. I even ate at Chick-Fil-A, which is not one of my favorite places. But because I am a martyr, I will sacrifice for monies to go to my daughters' school.

And when we walked in...CHAOS.

Kids EVERYWHERE. Running all over the place. It was loud. And there was a small line of people waiting for a table.

It's not a huge place, so if one were to be claustrophobic, the kids and their dumb-ass parents would have freaked that one out.

CJ was like "why are they running around?" And Tim and I both said "because they have stupid parents".

They do.

Not only did these kids run around the place, but the parents-who-should-have-never-been-allowed-to-procreate would tap the waiter/waitresses for help. To me, ala "snap snap! cater to me!" The waiters and waitresses were young people, who, by my standard, were working pretty hard (unusual for the wait industry in these here parts) and being quite gracious. And service did not suffer do to this influx of buttheads. Food was good, prompt, and friendly.

And when the deadbeats with their brats left the restaurant? Complete mess of a table, chairs and floor vicinity of said table. It looked like a food-and-napkin bomb hit the area. Seriously? These are the kids, and their dumb-ass parents, of our future.

The creux-de-ta (is that a word?) was when these rabid boys decided to jump up on the wall and HIT THE WINDOW RIGHT NEXT TO OUR TABLE! They went outside and for some unknown reason other than too much ritalin in their system, three boys attempted spiderman like abilities by running-to-jumping up the wall that sets right next to our table, with a window, so all we could see were their mugs flying to and from our window.


No parent in sight. I went to the window to knock on it when Tim told me to sit back and let the little fuckers fall and bust their head open.

It didn't happen (whether that is fortunate or unfortunate, that is a matter of opinion...) and despite the mania at Kid's Night, the food was quite decent and we enjoyed making fun of the assholes around us. After all, we aren't assholes...

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  1. I wonder if the parents even care anymore? I really hope that I don't make the same mistakes with my kids. I would be mortified with that kind of behavior. I suppose I should read up on proper discipline one of these days in the not-too-distant future...parenting is hard!