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Sunday, October 19, 2008

66.7 Miles And Nowhere To Go

Today was supposed to be a casually fun day.

My plan: head out to Chapel Hill in the AM to watch strong women compete in a triathlon, Ramblin' Rose. My BFF Sam, Jen and Beckie were competing and I wanted to see them finish.

Sam especially since I have witnessed an amazing transformation in her over the past few months...and really, we are new friends. A special bond that seemed instantaneous once we gave each other a chance. This was a big moment for her and I wanted to be there at the end to see and feel the experience with her.

Jen because we are also new friends. And she has been balancing a busier schedule than I boggle: school (with neurology-like classes), two young sons, one big kid (her hubby Frank, who is training for his second marathon), and training for this triathlon. She has been joining Sam and I for our Saturday runs so we are also bonding - especially in politics, which makes it more powerful and enjoyable :-).

I completely forgot that Beckie was doing the triathlon until she mentioned it on Facebook. And truly, she has been the inspiration for me explaining to Jen and Sam how amazing this triathlon can be for someone. Beckie was so transformed by her first race (last year) that she had a tri-tattoo etched on her. I have recounted my take of her race to Sam and Jen, because she inspires me and I wanted to transform that inspiration to them.

But, as any mom antics get in the way. There was a bit of a problem in the early morning hours that involved someone not sharing the toilet and the other having to end up peeing in the shower. There was a lot of crying then yelling from me at how insane it was for forcing someone to pee in the shower, and then why wouldn't the pee-ee go to the other bathroom in the house instead of peeing in the shower? Exasperation...

But the calmness came back, especially when CJ gave me a -- either "get-over-this" or "apologetic" -- hug and I was all better.

But because I also am a slow-moving-morning person, we ended up missing my BFFs finish their race. I tried to catch them in their glow of the after race, but apparently, I was that late.

So the plan was to meet them for brunch at Weaver Street Market in Carrboro. About .80 miles away from the place -- according to my GPS -- CJ started throwing up in the car. Our of nowhere! I felt soooo bad for her and on top of that, she start crying and apologizing to me "I'm so sorry mommy!"

Everything becomes faded and my priority is my baby. I tell her not to worry and I pull over right away, grab some paper towels and try to tell her not to worry about anything. Her nose is bleeding -- which on the inside, freaks me out because I'm thinking 'she's throwing up and her nose is bleeding! this can't be good! what's the number to 911???' But on the outside, I'm as cool as a cucumber and telling her that everything's okay...not to worry about the brunch...I was taking her home...and it was no big deal.

She was still apologizing. She said she wanted to go so bad. She said her nose was bleeding in the AM (which I remembered Mi-Mi alerting this to me and well, mother of the year blew it off because of the whole toilet fiasco...CJ is a nose-bleeder anyway, so I didn't give it much thought). She said her tummy felt bad in the morning but she didn't think it was a big deal and she wanted to come with me, so she didn't tell me about it!!

I can't even begin to tell you the strain on my heart and soul to hear my baby tell me this...and to see her continue throwing up. It's probably one of the worst things for a parent to see because, well, we all know what throwing up _feels_ like and it's the last thing I want my girls to go through.

But she is such a trooper and calmed down. I assured her everything was fine and I called Samantha to let her know what happened. CJ seemed to feel assured that everyone on the other end was okay.

Of course, even though I am calm on the outside...I'm still freaked. I end up setting the alarm off my car after starting it in the odd sequence that you are NOT supposed to do. I somehow managed to shut the alarm off, not knowing how I did it since I just kept pushing buttons.

I head back and I ask CJ if she needs anything...was she hungry?...did we need to stop at the hospital? She said she was hungry so my next search was for dinero.

Couldn't find a freaking ATM or bank anywhere. I guess the people of Chapel Hill never need to get cash. I eventually turn off towards Southpoint Mall, knowing there had to be ATMs/Banks in the vicinity (yes, my GPS can pick these points up but I wanted something in my direction, not out of my way). Um, I didn't find a single bank until the end of the block, pass the mall.

So I pull in and enter all the info to grab $40. My transaction does not go through. I had a feeling this would happen because I had just activated this particular ATM card.

Well, maybe "quick cash" won't work so I go through the 'pick your amount' flow and request $20. Nope, same message. Great.

This day is going so well. I'm 20 miles away from home and I can't even provide food for my sick child! Sounds like I'm in the wilderness vs. a mini-van full of bumper stickers, GPS unit, at a drive-up ATM surrounded by one of the slickest, most advanced shopping area in the triangle.

So now I have to explain to my baby that mommy can't get money and I have to feed you when we get home. My little trooper accepts the news without frustration or agitation and once we get home, I pamper her with love, attention, rice, scrambled eggs (comfort food) and lots of cuddles in front of the TV.

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