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Saturday, September 13, 2008

What Would You Buy?

I posed a question to a friend of mine the other day, as he talked of considering getting another car.

"If you had a check for "Pick anything you want", what car would you pick?"

It's a difficult question to answer because one car just can't do it. My friend couldn't pick just one -- his choice was a big truck with a cab and the other I forget.

And when I decided to pose the question to myself, I couldn't pick just one.

For instance, my first choice would be more practical and selfish: a new Honda Odyssey, fully equipped to the hilt: hybrid, satellite radio, GPS included, DVD player, passenger windows that roll down, the automatic rear door lift, all-leather, rear camera, sunroof. Oh, and most certainly in 100% Black. I love the minivan I have now and I would just want it IMPROVED.

But for the fun person in me, I would want the mac-daddy Jeep -- the one with four doors (the Rubicon), again, in BLACK. And I'd have to relearn how to drive a stick-shift, since you should only have this type of car in stick-shift form.

For the retro-fun in me, I would get an old International, CJ-5, or the old LandCruisers. But I'd have to have it all re-done to make it up-to-snuff like the minivan above. Gas mileage is extremely important, so this would not be a practical choice.

And for a (sort of) sporty type, no, it's not the sports car (quite honestly, I'm not a fan of sports cars...I roll my eyes if a guy is in there -- I could care less what they look like -- it's just TOO STEREOTYPICAL OF SMALL-DICK, BIG EGO)...and if it's a girl, well, whatever. So for me, it would be the Cross Country Volvo wagon (I test drove one and it was FUN) or one of those Audis...I like the logo and their look.

But let me say that, for the record, I am not a car buff. I am sure there are a zillion cars out there that would fit my ideal choice that would be my car for 'carte blanche'. But from the little that I do know, these would be my choices.

What would be your ideal car?

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