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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vote For Deflocked

I love getting e-mails and feedback from my blog. I have a few regulars and I *so* appreciate you all reading my rants and reviews.

This morning, I read an e-mail I received from Jeff Corriveau. After reading it, I was thrilled and I said to Tim "You won't believe what kind of e-mail I got today!" He responded with "Were you notified that you just received $100,000 in your bank account?"

Killjoy. And I said it out loud.

The e-mail from Jeff was great. He mentioned reading one of my postings and relayed his own anecdote to my story. This is meaningful because I do get e-mail from people that simply state "Love your blog! Please see mine at (I'm making that up; I have no idea what's on that site). And usually, I do go to the site and, usually, it's some kind of sell piece and has nothing to do with any personal subject matter.

But Jeff provided me with a great introduction to why he targeted me and if I have one weakness, it's to do my duty to help the 'small' man out. And I don't know what Jeff looks like, so I don't mean small in size, but in relation to breaking ground for his passion.

And his passion? He is a cartoonist and his strip is in the run for a placement within our locally operated, but no longer locally owned, News & Observer.

He needs votes -- and a lot of them since he's competing with twelve other cartoonists. I read his strip and I like it. I'm still a cartoon strip reader, but I am pretty picky about what I like. But thankfully, there's new talent out there. One of my recent favorite strips is Lio. Hopefully, Jeff will have his chance to give me -- and the rest of Raleigh -- something to enjoy.

His strip is "Deflocked" and you can see some of his samples at its namesake website

And to vote, please go to The 2008 N&O Comics Vote. Hurry -- voting ends at 11:59 PM Monday, Sept. 29th. We can vote up to five times on one computer. Let's give this strip, and Jeff, a chance.

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