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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things That Go Bump In The Night

...that would be me.

The other night, I awoke to the urge to pee. I hate that because, once up, even if I keep my eyes shut, my brain turns on and I can't get back to sleep.

But before my brain was turned all the way on, I had to make my way to the potty. I had my hands out to feel for the door. I must have been at a left-arm-straight-to-my-left and right-straight-in-front-of-me because BOOM! My cheek hit the two-inch thick piece of door, where the latch-thing-sticks out. And it hit directly on the edge.

I saw stars and my check immediately throbbed. I peed. Then crawled safely back into bed. My brain was turned on and the first thoughts that went through my head were: aren't cheek bones fairly sensitive? Did I chip my cheek bone? It really hurts. WhyTF did I do that? What was I doing with my hands? Will I get a black eye? Will I go to work if I have a big honkin' bump on my cheek? Will I die?

And then those thoughts lingered to other things that kept me up for a little while.

I didn't die, but my cheek still hurts...

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