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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Spin City

Today's headline on

Cooper search warrants: Husband's story inconsistent

What does that imply?

To me, it implies that he has told several inconsistent accounts of the morning of his wife's disappearance.

But the very next line of this article states this:
Cary police were suspicious of Brad Cooper’s story the day they talked to him, saying it was inconsistent with interviews with family and friends.

Um, wait. Who is exactly inconsistent? The friends? The family that do not live with the Cooper's? Brad's story is inconsistent with _their_ story. Not the other way around.

But for the masses of sheep this universe holds, Brad Cooper is telling inconsistent stories and therefore, he did it.

I don't know who did it. And neither do the Kary Keystone Kops, or they would have arrested him by now. And lord-of-the-monkeys help us if Cooper did not do it and no one is focused on the real killer.

But, I have already heard many folks, with sureness and assertiveness, as though they had witnessed the very crime: Oh. He did it.

Yet, we have no idea how. He did it with a knife? His hands? Rope? Gun? Was she beaten to a pulp?

I guess it doesn't matter. The "fact" is, his story is inconsistent with every non-member of the household...all the other sheep that know exactly how the Cooper's lived beyond those front doors.

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