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Monday, September 08, 2008

Random Thoughts

Why are there some people who insist on being asshole drivers? Today, a "co-worker" (no, I didn't know him, but we were heading for the same place) tailed me on the windy -- and pretty -- Old Reedy Creek-Trenton Road. I stuck to the 35 mph speed limit and he stuck to my bumper. I flipped my rearview mirror down DRAMATICALLY, so I wouldn't have to see the MFer, even though I could still sense his presence on my ass.

The sad thing? There was someone on his bumper.

He followed me and once we entered the work environment, he passed me, to which I mouthed "asshole" to him as he passed. These people, these very stupid idiotic people, just chip away at my recovery from road rage.

I run. I do aerobics. I stretch. I do yoga. Well, I stopped yoga for a bit to get in some Body Sculpting. And as I have previously mentioned, I am dealing with shin splints. Because of yet another < facetiously > very important meeting to attend < /facetiously >, I have to switch preferred exercise classes and went to yoga today. What I discovered was that my calf muscles are TIGHT. Why? I am active. And for the most part, I thought my calves were in shape. But, apparently not. Yoga will now be my class of choice.

Why is WRAL not showing the men's U.S. Open Finals? Instead, they're showing the same old news they showed this morning. And BTW, I hate football. I hate it more because everybody is all excited about it. That's right. Call me scrooge.

There is no cure for ignorance. If you don't bike, then you don't want to share the road no matter what the laws say. You still think you know better and clearly, it's the biker folk that are clueless. After all, a biker can't win between bike vs. machine. So why risk your life and ride your bike? Yeah. That's right. Me and my fat ass in my big SUV, watching football on Sunday and drinking budweiser...bitching about biker's being the stupid ones...

I think EVERYBODY came to work today. No one was home sick or on vacation. Nope. They were all at work taking up my parking spaces.

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