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Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have made it known that I am NOT anti-abortion. It isn't that I want everyone to have an abortion. I certainly don't. It's that I think everyone has their own reason for their choice.

And thus, when I say I am pro-choice, I'm pro-choice about everyone having the freedom to choose for themselves. You want to be Hindu? Go for it. You want to have a dog? Sure! You want to marry a man *and * you happen to be a man? Send me an invite. You want fries with that? You got it.

Nothing pisses me off more than the fucking religious righteousness, usually hypocrites BTW, that feel they can project their "moral value" on others.

And now, we have Sarah Palin (and John McCain...and the Republican party in general), proudly broadcasting her biases.

And I will never understand, people that I know, that I work with, women even, who say, when I say "you know she's anti-abortion" and they're like, yeah, except for that, I like her.

OPPRESSION! What the fuck can she do for you if you are NOT anti-abortion? Anti-gay, or shall I say, an extreme homophobe? Why the fuck would you consider anyone who oppresses any human being? "But my financial outlook will be better." I don't know what the fuck that means because at some point, you are not thinking about anything or anyone but yourself...and it's not true.

It's not true because, by golly, KARMA EXISTS. You think will be punished.

Okay, enough of my ranting on the stupid fuckers that still think it's OK to vote Republican. Here's my next PSA for why you shouldn't vote for Palin:

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