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Monday, September 15, 2008


Another reason why I will not vote for a Republican -- gay rights. Sure, there are gay republicans...they just hide behind their "christian values".

Another copy-and-pasted quote from Care2Petition. I'm stupid so I had to look up GBLT: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender/Transexual:

You've probably seen countless news stories about John McCain's "maverick" record. But while he'd like you to believe he's a moderate, at the end of the day Sen. McCain marches in lockstep with the anti-GLBT right wing. Did you know:

* John McCain has publicly embraced the hateful California marriage initiative that would deny marriage rights to committed same-sex couples.

* In 2006, he appeared in a TV ad for a similar measure in Arizona.

* He doesn't believe GLBT couples should be able to adopt children.

Don't let Sen. McCain get away with embracing discrimination while telling us he's protecting GLBT rights. Don't let him tell us he's a maverick while supporting hate and bigotry.

If you are interested in signing the petition, please do.


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  2. Don't get me started on Palin. Where are the demonstrators!!! The gay right demonstrators. Do we think that the internet and blogging is going to work rather than walking the street?