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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pray For Gays

And it's not what you think.

This evening, Tim said 'did you hear about that bitch and her church praying for gays to be 'ungay'?!' And immediately I was like "What???!!!" I have got to find that article! And it isn't hard to find.


Talk about an extremist. It's people like her, the crazy fundamentalists, who have the GALL to talk about other religious fanatics being coo-coo, that give true christians a bad name. In fact, so bad a name they have that I cringe at the very word. Who the hell do YOU think you are, to pray for me for things YOU find unacceptable? What about praying for a cure for cancer? Or for poor people to have better healthcare? How about for cyclists being able to have the law of the land followed and have ignorant-asshole-car-drivers actually SHARE THE GOD-DAMN ROADS?

I twittered recently how fascinated I was with Palin. Fascinated in the sense that I had no idea who she was. I'm sorry I ever found out who she was...and I'm even more sorry that she has a chance to become our fucking VP.

I'm not religious...until my empty gas light comes on, then suddenly, I find god. But I think it might be worth a shot to knock on wood, chant, consult your demigod, spark up some incense, and yes, pray for a cure for this ignorance...

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  1. Yes, sad to think that the McCain/Palin ticket is actually gaining ground because he picked her, and because of those kind of beliefs that she holds. What does that say about the human race in America?