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Friday, September 26, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things III

This morning, in the hubbub of getting people fed (including me) and making lunches, etc. Mi-Mi decides to practice writing words.

She told me she has learned how to draw a small "e". "Great!" I say. Is it hard?

No, she tells me and concentrates on writing out her words.

She says "I can write "Jade"". She shows me her work.

Cool! I say.

I can write "same".

Wow! That's great!

And "Zoe"


And this one is really easy, "hoe".

To myself, I think "wow, what an unusual word for her to learn!" So I ask, "you mean the gardening tool?"

And she looks at me funny and goes, "No! What Santa says!"

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