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Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm In Love With A Vampire

That's what I told CJ last night, when I went into her room to say goodnight. She looked at me like, you are the strangest person I have ever known. And I'm her mother.

Anyway, True Blood is the new series on HBO by the creator of Six Feet Under, one of the best shows I've ever seen...with an ending that to this day, I can't forget.

True Blood is about vampires. Vampires that live in our society as 'regular people', but hey, they're just dead. The living dead.

And the main character is Sookie, who is adorable -- and skillfully played adorably by Anna Paquin. Does that name sound familiar? Because she was the LITTLE GIRL in that sick movie, The Piano, who won an academy award for that role.

Oh yeah. And she was in X-Men.

But she is beyond fantastic in True Blood. I'm in love with her too.

But it's Bill Compton, the vampire that is of interest to Sookie (and get this, he's interested in her too) that has stolen my heart.

It's a bit cheesy in the way he puts his dark, brooding, mysterious charm -- you know, that vampires are known for -- but it works. At least for me it does.

When he tells Sookie that he can feel her, and will know when she's in trouble, because she drank his vampire blood (long story -- but with only two episodes shown, you have time to catch up). Wow..

When he tells her he'd come over to talk to her Grandma about the Civil War (after all, he was around during that time) because it would make Sookie happy. Oooh-la-la.

And finally, when he kills the two people who were beating Sookie up to death and licks her wounds to healing. BE STILL MY HEART!

So, an unusual love story that has captured my still beating heart.

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  1. Woohoo! We are enjoying the series as well. Let me know if you ever want to borrow the books :) They are very quick reads!