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Thursday, September 04, 2008

...I Am The Chill That's In The Air

...Take a look at the sky just before you die! It's the last time you will!


Darkness! Imprisoning me! All that I see! Absolute horror! I cannot live! I cannot die! Trapped in myself! Body my holding cell!

Any of this sound familiar?

These are all lines from favorite band EVER as a teeny-bopper and into my adult life, until "the napster" incident...when they became assholes.

But a kick back to my childhood, as I quickly approach my 40th birthday this month, XM radio has provided me with my own personal gift (at least, that's what I tell myself) by offering "Mandatory Metallica". Channel 51 offers non-stop music by the one and only band that I can listen to without changing the channel with disgust. Well, Nirvana would probably fall into that category...but I cannot think of any other single band that I could listen to non-stop...every song.

It was fate. I haven't been listening to my XM much, even though it's paid for. But I'm on my Keith and the Girl kick, so podcasting is what plays on my radio...when I'm not listening to the Showgram.

So imagine my surprise, as I move through my channels, to hear something that I know. And then, to get that constantly! Forget the Showgram! It's Metallica time!

And what's the appeal? I have every one of their albums. I could put onto my iPod and shuffle through all the albums. But, as I think is related to the fact that I do like talk radio, knowing that someone else is playing this stuff makes it appealing. He or she is just like me...except that they must not think they are assholes NOW like I do...

But I love it. I love hearing the old stuff. MY MUSIC. I own it. They are mine.

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