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Sunday, September 07, 2008


This is a salad place at Crabtree Valley Mall.

I took the girls to the mall yesterday, in my quest for new running shoes. As previously mentioned, I am having trouble with the pair that I have been using so I finally broke down and decided to find me a new pair. I find running shoe shopping very stressful when I have to actually find shoes appropriate for my feet. The whole "let me watch you walk", "let me measure your feet", "let me watch you run in them". I don't know if any of that is legit but whatever. I did it again yesterday and went back to an old label, the Asics...for a whopping $96 buckaroos. WTF do they have to cost so much?

Anyway, before conquering shoe shopping (which, BTW, was purchased at Fleet Feet, which is NOT at the mall...but that's another story), I decided to feed the beasts first.

CJ opted for her usual, Moe's. I can't stand Moe's. Sure, I ate there for awhile, but it ain't unique! Everything tastes the same. Kind of like Mickey D's. Either it's in a big flour tortilla or a small flour tortilla... So while I stood in line with every GD sheep in the mall -- i.e., EVERYBODY LIKES MOE'S SO EVERYBODY IS IN THE MOE'S LINE -- I noticed a sparsely lined...okay, NO LINE, at the adjacent nook called Crisp.

Crisp is a salad place. I had seen it before but whenever I had seen it, it had yet to open so I didn't get to try it. But it sells a variety of salads that are 'freshly prepped' in front of the customer. The prices were pricey. Most of them were about $9.xx for a full salad and almost a dollar cheaper for a 'half' salad. It almost leads one to just get the full salad since the price difference is minimal.

But the menu for salads looked really, really good -- and for the most part, the ingredients appear fresh. So I stood there being tempted by a salad (BTW, they serve wraps if the salad is not up your alley). But I had thought about getting something from Le Petit Bistro -- a salad and quiche, as I have done in the past. But I was reminded that the salad is grabbed from somewhere on the display that is already prepped and the quiche, well, they pop a slice in the microwave. Not my idea of fresh so after grabbing CJ's lame taco from Moe's, and Mi-Mi's even lamer, stereotypical Mighty Kid's Meal from Mickey D's, I headed to Crisp to try out a salad.

I didn't tempt myself for the full salad and ordered a half Crisp Cobb Salad. According to the menu (grabbed from their website, the Crisp Cobb Salad is made up of:
iceberg & romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, avocado, smoked bacon, crumbled egg, blue cheese, and tomatoes.

That is everything I love in a salad.

So the process is to open a crisper full of lettuce. The lady, or salad chopper, grabs a handful of the lettuce and puts it into a stainless steel bowl. She then scoops up every other ingredient, that is displayed in front of the customer. One whole boiled egg is first chopped, then the bowl is flipped over, on top of the chopped egg, and is chopped with one of those big mezzaluna type knives. Chop, chop, and more chopping and then it is placed back into the stainless steel bowl from whence it came from.

The dressing is then pour atop the salad and then tossed. Afterwards, it is placed in a clear plastic bowl (not very green) and ta-da! The salad is complete.

It was delicious. Every bite was perfect and flavorful. Probably just a tad too much dressing for me, as I prefer a little dressing to all of my salad ingredients but it certainly wasn't overpowering.

Now, I don't speculate this salad to be any healthier than Moe's...maybe slightly, just because there are more veggies involved, but it is not a salad for anyone watching their weight. But if you like salads, and you like to eat slightly healthier than the fried, richly drenched meat, and other stuff that is served at the food court, I would strongly recommend giving Crisp a try.

Plus, you wouldn't have to wait as long because the line to this place was NEVER ONCE FULL.

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