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Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Childhood Memory

I was reminded, today, of another friend of mine during my Clark days.

Clark days refers to the time I lived in the Philippines, while my father was stationed at Clark AFB. This time period was a very memorable time - second grade through eight grade. I arrived in the middle of the second grade and I left right before I had to begin eight grade in another country, with a whole 'nother group of people. Military brats, especially overseas, are in a league of their own.

Anyway, a friend of mine posted a picture of "me". It took me awhile to figure out why she thought that was me -- and the other girl looked like someone I knew. I figured it out: she and I shared the first name. It didn't dawn on me that we were all friends, but I was friends with each one of them.

This is confusing, you see, because in the military, people come and go. Christina is my friend who posted the picture and she left Clark during the earlier years of my stay. The other girl, AKA Cindy, was there almost the entire time. So in my memory, I don't recall me, "Cindy" and Christina hanging out. We might's just been sooooo long ago.

But my memory of "Cindy" came back in this recollection:

Once upon a time, there was a boy by the name of Dennis. He was older and he had a younger sister, Gina, that rode my school bus.

Dennis, on the other hand, would drive a motorcycle. I have no idea what grade he was in or how old he was, but he somehow mingled with Gina's age group, including me. And "Cindy".

I fell head over heels for Dennis. In fact, I recall spending the night with some friends, and having the opportunity to hang out at a dance club. This was popular, especially for middle school girls who's parents weren't strict like mine. Or maybe, they just didn't care. Because I can't imagine why parents would let their 5th, 6th and 7th grade girls hang out at "dance" clubs.

But I did get to go and I was so thrilled. Dennis was there and I remember slow dancing with him, in my shiny, silky, lavender shirt. I don't recall if "Cindy" was there too, but I'm thinking she was. My only memory, faint as it is, is my purple shirt, disco lights, and Dennis.

Well, not long after that, there was some kind of big party event in a park in my subdivision: Diamond Subdivision. I don't know what this event was, but it was really crowded in this park and music from Journey was booming in the background.

I was with friends and was just so excited about even getting a glimpse of Dennis. I was truly in love with this guy. And I was hoping he felt the same way. After all, he did ask me to dance with him! And he rubbed those fabulous hands of his on my silky, lavender, shiny shirt.

Then some geeky acquaintances of mine came up to me and told me "Hey, Dennis is looking for you! He's been asking if we've seen you."

My heart dropped. I was dumbfounded. How could this be possible? My dream come true! Dennis is as hot for me as I am for him? It is love! I must find him!

But sadly...I realized, quite devastatingly, in my own heart...I was not me he was truly asking for. Yes, it was "Cindy", but it was, , the _other_ "Cindy".

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