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Monday, September 01, 2008

The Cat Got Your...

It's been pretty cool having Sunkist in our home. Brenna the dog and Sunkist get along fabulously.

Of course, Brenna is still 100 times larger than the kitty, so it is a bit difficult to watch them play because, well, Brenna's paw just pummels the cat. Well, at least it looks that way because the cat always comes back to attack Brenna. It's best not to look.

But I can tell Brenna knows she's so much bigger because when we do tell her to back off, she comes running (or jumping) towards us with such excitement, like, "i didn't mean it!" or even better, the whole Bugs Bunny skit: "I will love it and hug it and squeeze it and pet him...and I'll call him george..."

A few days ago, Mi-Mi was excitedly telling me "look what brenna is wearing! She did it by herself!" At first, I was only half-listening, not really paying attention since Mi-Mi tends to dress Brenna up in some really funky outfits. But I noticed peripherally an odd thing on Brenna. I looked dead on, and still, my mind could not process what Brenna was wearing.

Finally, I figured it out:

It's the kitty litter box's entryway.

A shot of Brenna's face:

As best as I can determine, the cat decided to do it's thing and Brenna couldn't resist invading his privacy. But literally, tried to get it because both her front legs were IN the entryway hole.

She was breathing heavily and barely moved. It all makes sense now as I had heard some obnoxious noises coming from the girls' bedroom, which is where the kitty litter box was (since moved). She got stuck and was struggling to walk towards civilization for help...after desperately trying to save herself.

It wasn't easy getting her out of that contraption. The entryway is SMALL and sized for a fairly modestly sized cat, which is still a 1/4 the size of Brenna's width.

But she was a trooper and patiently waited for me, without complaint, to figure out the "puzzle" of getting her out of it with as little damage -- both to the dog and the entryway -- as possible.

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