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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Book Review: The Chardonnay Charade: A Wine Country Mystery by Ellen Crosby

So after some real heavy books. in volume and in subject matter, I thought it would be nice to read something more 'light-hearted'. Instead of a Harlequin Romance, which were by far a favorite light read for me as a young girl (and I'm now 40!). So I thought a mystery series set in wine country would do the job.

The one I actually had saved in my wake county library book list was titled The Merlot Murders but since that wasn't available, I picked this one. The titles were tickling my fancy so how could I go wrong?

But I did and the book was hard to finish. Not because it was long but because I had no real interest but I can't NOT finish something I started. It's an ego thing.

I couldn't wait to finish so that I could start on a book I _could_ enjoy.

The writing was not great. There were a bunch of big words mixed in regular folk talk. It just didn't blend. Relationships that were supposed to be meaningful never came through because there was just not enough to mold characters to one another. And it is significant because, for instance, we are supposed to believe that the main character and her winemaker Quinn, are supposed to have sexual tension. Never did I sense or feel any of that in the writing.

Then there's her sister, Mia, who is partying way too much. There is no big sister care of what her sister is doing other than a few random sentences about how bad she's partying...and then the last few chapters, her sister's drinking and partying becomes part of the overall plot.

The mystery is pretty much solved by the reader in the beginning. It is WAY TOO OBVIOUS, so obvious that once the truth is revealed at the end, it's just an eye-rolling reaction...DUH. I knew that and I was hoping for a different surprise.

But because most of the characters, except the main one, are barely written about in depth, it would have been disappointing for anyone else -- including the main culprit -- to be revealed as the guilty party.

So I don't plan to continue down these series for my "light-reads"...the fun ones that take me away from the deep tomes I have been reading off and on for the past year. In fact, I dropped Merlot Murders from my booklist.

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  1. Isn't it interesting when you come across books you can't give good reviews to? There are so many GOOD books out there, and when you find a bunch of them all at once, it makes you feel like all books are great and must be devoured! But then you'll come across a dud, and it feels a bit deflating. I'm reading a dud book right now, too, but like you, i want to finish it.