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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Biking In Raleigh

Raleigh has a crappy bike plan. Meaning: there aren't many bike-friendly places in Raleigh for commutes (to work, to a transportation hub, to parks, to grocery stores, etc.). We have great greenways (if you don't get stuck in them the dark) but if you want to really pedal for transportation, Raleigh sucks.

But that's not the worst. It's the ding-dang drivers. Those assholes that find the car to be an extension of themselves and decide that the road is for them, not for anyone else. Fuck pedestrians. Fuck mopeds. Fuck the "stupid" people that want to ride a bike anywhere. I'm better because I have a big fat ass and I have no fucking cardio in me, so I just sit in my big, expensive SUV and bitch about the stupid, healthy folk, who ride those bikes to where ever. Plus, where the fuck would I put my golf clubs?

I don't ride my bike other than out of sheer pleasure. No not that way...but entertaining-wise. A ride through Umstead's fire truck trail; or the beautiful greenways. This is a leisurely ride, usually with my man and my kids.

But, since I only live about 10 miles from work, the idea of biking to work is delightful. More health benefits. Plus, it feels pretty good to ride a bike - a liberating feeling that I am in control of my transportation...except up hills, but that's another story.

But if Raleigh were equipped with better bike paths, to ease the pain of dealing with ignorant, fat ass, small dicked car drivers, then I would be more apt to do it. But because Raleigh is not, I am a courteous driver to bikers and I flip off everyone else on my way to work.

But Raleigh has a survey for fellow Raleigh-ites, on a future bike plan. What this will do for Raleigh, I have no idea. I'm skeptical, but filling the survey out is free. And if you feel like there is hope for change (VOTE FOR OBAMA), then give it your due diligence and fill it out.

Raleigh Comprehensive Bike Plan

Thank you for your support.

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  1. I only live 8 miles from work and fully agree with you. If it was safer to bike I would happily do it. There are way too many crazy people eating their Big Mac, talking on the phone, changing the radio, and driving at the same time. Scary!