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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus

If you believe that, then you must believe there is a Heaven and there is a Hell.

As for me, I'd like to believe there is a Heaven...that's my choice. But as for Hell, I think we're in it.

I thought about this for many, many years and it's become my edict. The stuff that happens here is what I think hell is. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can be worse for people who suffer atrocities. You think the Holocaust wasn't hell? And what makes anyone believe that the perpetrators would burn in hell? Hell is not a relief for you and I - if you truly believe its definition - so to take solitude that bad people end up in hell, well, defeats the purpose of hell's intention, doesn't it?

I have a sick relationship with bad news. I don't want to know it, because it affects me. Some bad news affects me more than others and they stick with me forever. Stephanie Bennett, Jake Robel, those teenaged girls, Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peña, that that asshole finally died (good riddance!) for.

There are more stories that haunt me from my early 20s. And these stories have all lead me to believe that nothing these victims went through, and what their families will continue to struggle with, can be worse than hell. This life, is hell.

So another story that will haunt me is the story of Dylan Groene. Dylan was nine years young when this other fuckwad sexually TORTURED him before finally killing him.

And the asshole taped the whole thing.

And then showed the entire encounter to Dylan's younger sister, eight year old Shasta.

Weeks earlier, this son-of-a-bitch stalked Dylan and Shasta's family: big brother, 13 year old Slade, mom Brenda, and mom's fiancee Mark. He broke into their home and bludgeoned them to death (this is the element of surprise that makes me the paranoid person that I am).

He had taken Dylan and Shasta outside before doing his dastardly deed. I can't imagine what their mother was thinking before she died. But I'm sure she wouldn't have wanted to be the outcome that came.

So this sick fuck is on trial. Why, on god's green earth, does this man deserve a fair trial? Die Motherfucker Die -- yes, it's a song and I know it, and I play that in my head when I think of this asshole and that last asshole that finally was executed.

But I'd rather see this man die a slow, tortured death. And in no way, could he gain excitement from the shit he did to these two young kids. Hell is on earth. Let's give this man a taste of hell.

Shasta survived this ordeal. Thankfully, a small miracle was bestowed upon her in this horrific time of her life. She was recognized at a diner and the wonderful patrons called the police. Otherwise, her hell would have continued. Those people, and anyone afterwards that is helping her deal with her own Holocaust, have major brownie points into heaven...that's if, there is one.

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