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Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Were You Thinking?

Dear John,

I do not hate you. I do not even dislike you. I think you are a brave soldier, despite what others want to categorize your "stay" at Hanoi Hilton. I have always admired that aspect about you.

And I have respect for you independence. You had that reputation. HAD. That's what Arizonians, and others, appreciated about you. And despite the fact that you have caved into the amoral pit that politicians are stereotyped to have, you still did things that you felt strongly about...and you managed to clinch the Republican nomination, despite being called out early on during the primaries.

But my , what the hell were you thinking when you made your vice president selection?

Seriously. I am not sure you can clinch this president thing. Obama is just too powerful. And I mean that in a sense that he has charisma, he has vision, he has sparked something in a nation that I have not seen in my lifetime. And I am enthralled by his magnetism. I mean, I haven't drank the kool-aid yet, but it is an amazing thing to see...

But if you had any chance of being the dark horse -- as you were during the primaries -- you have managed to fuck that all up with Sarah Palin.

Sure. She's a looker. But you republicans are all in the 'old boy' network. You don't elect women, no matter how competent they are. And especially if they are, um, attractive, well, that makes them even more 'stupider'.

Was your message intended to be a mockery of Obama's lack of foreign policy experience? Because you really screwed that one up. It ain't funny -- to select someone with even less experience than your opponent.

And as a somewhat moderate republican, you pick one of the worst representations of a true, idiotic republican: a god-fearing, bible-thumping, abortion is wrong even in the case of rape and incest, anti-environmentalist, proud NRA member.

I am dumbfounded. I am flabbergasted. I can't imagine why you would ruin your reputation and your chance at the white house. Was there a plant in your VP search party? Did someone from the other side come in under a ruse and managed to convince you, and supposedly the other brilliant advisors, to pick an unknown, ill-qualified candidate?

And it makes you really appear like the bush administration: you think we are stupid. Not just "we" but us women-folk. By selecting a woman, you think that you will appeal to the Hilary fans.

Really? That women just pick women for the sake of having a woman in office? They are polar opposites on agenda! Suddenly, all of us pro-abortion women are going to vote for a woman despite her fucked up plan to have every woman lose their right to choice?

John. John. John. You have really disappointed me. Don't get me wrong. I'm quite happy that Obama has it in the bag now. But for you to leave your legacy like this... you let your people down.


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