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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Was She Thinking?

My running, especially my long runs, have improved recently. I attribute it to better nutrition (pointed out by my coach) and better weather.

Saturday I ran eleven miles. I did pretty well with that run, which is the longest I've had in awhile (I did run Coach Bubba's 20K in February).

Sunday I walked around Umstead and took a short hike with Mia and Brenna the dog. I felt really good Sunday, as though the eleven miles had no major effects on me.

Then Monday came and I had a short four mile run that didn't feel that short. I thought I had a great pace and yet, it was as slow as my slowest miles in a long run.

So now comes today: Tuesday Track Workouts. Last Tuesday, I had a pretty tough (IMO) workout: 2x2 miles, after a 1.5 mile warm-up (you heard that right). And yet, I feel like I rocked on that workout.

So today's was 4x1 mile repeats @ 8:30 pace. I felt confident that I could do this, after last week's 2x2 miles.

My Ironman timex is not working. This watch is my pride and joy, especially for my track workouts. But since I am too lazy/whatever to get the battery changed, I keep using my GPS watch. It doesn't show splits well nor overall time.

So with my first mile today, I had no real clue as to how fast or slow I was going. I would look at my current pace, but it fluctuated so much that I couldn't see what my overall average was.

The end result: 8:40. A few seconds over my goal.

Let's try again!

I reset my watch so I can now follow my split. And because I can't think straight this week ($Bill suggested that the eleven mile run is the culprit), I couldn't mathematically figure out what my per 400 time should be. $Bill told me but I forgot...and somehow managed to bungle the number he _did_ give me and thought I should be going for a 2:03 mile.

That was hard to obtain. I managed to do a 2:03 for the first 400 but the next few, I would be a few seconds over. I kept thinking "Geez, this is really hard! And yet I did so well last week. What is wrong with me? Is it the humidity, like $Bill said? Or do I just suck?"

When I timed the second mile: 8:16.

Uh-oh. I did the math problem wrong. That was way too fast.

So I figured it out: 2 minute per 400 equal an eight minute mile. If I did 7 in 2:07...then 7*4 (four revolutions on a track equal 1 mile) equals 28 and thus, something close to seven should do the trick.

It took me close to one full 400 to come up with that when I caught up with $Bill on his recovery and asked him what he told me my 400 times should be: 2:08, 2:08. 2:08, 2:06.

I know I did that for the third one, at least the first two 400. After that, I was too busy concentrating on just finishing.

I was tired. My legs were tired. My breathing had to be patterned. I started counting, but instead of my usual 1-2-3-4, I was at 1-2-3, 1-2-3...what was up with that?

$Bill and Frank are very supportive. But I have to say, I was not very happy to see them finished with their workout with me having one more mile to go.

So then I started thinking about my coach. Why on earth would she have me do such a killer track workout after my eleven mile run??? And why does $Bill get to finish WAY before me? That just isn't right!!

I finish up the last two with 8:29s each.

I go back and e-mail Coach B: what were you thinking????

And she said: I was thinking: I'm going to make you stronger.

And I am. :-)

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