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Thursday, August 28, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

Today it's my turn to figure out what the hell I was thinking.

I know what I was thinking: when my alarm went off at 6AM, I was thinking: I really want to sleep. But I need to get up and run through my neighborhood. So in my head, I am mapping out a hilly five mile run through the 'hood. My neighborhood will cover a training run that says "hilly". Actually, anything in Raleigh will cover that.

However, since it's easy to validate why I _shouldn't_ get up to run -- and today, I didn't make a run date with $Bill and Frank -- I had no reason to stay motivated for my early morning run.

I decided that it would be too hectic for me to run, get ready, and get to work by my 8 AM meeting without a lot of undue stress. Undue, since I had nothing going on for the afternoon (except for a 3PM meeting), so I had an open day to run my hilly five miles.

That's it. I am going to relax a bit more in bed and simply get ready to make my 8AM meeting and run later in the day. All in all, I thought: maybe I will just skip my workout today.

I felt tired. Not _that_ tired. But sore. But not as sore as other days.

So the torment in my head begins: run, don't run. I can't make a decision even with something like this...especially with something like this. I over think. I ruminate. This follows me throughout my morning.

So I decide to put it in my calendar: Out of the office from 11 AM to 12:30. There. It's in my calendar. I will do it.

Then Sam IMs me and asks what my workout is. I think she wants to do lunch. I tell her my workout. And I half expect to drop it and say "screw it! let's hit la sheesh!!" But I don't and instead, she says she will go run too.

We waste more gas by driving separate cars to the gym. I'm committed now because I'm going to run her mile with her and show her to track, so she can do her strides.

The first mile, well, it wasn't easy. I thought Sam did great since I was huffing and puffing up those hills. When her mile was over and it was time for her two mile walk, I decided to do the same until I could show her the entrance to the track at a nearby school.

Once we parted ways, I continued. And it was not easy.

It was humid. I felt extremely weak.

It figures as I didn't eat well for an 11ish morning run. I was superb for a 6:45 run, but not for something later. I didn't bring water either. I didn't expect it to be as humid as it was.

I ran and ran and then when I thought I was close to the big hill within my trail, I walked. I was spent. I seriously thought about going back the way I came, shortening the run, and calling it a day. The only problem is that going the other way to cut it short is UP UP UP.

So I decide I'm not a wussy and continue to run. I stop to walk up the hill then I run down. I get my second wind because after the hellacious hill, it's all downwards.

It felt nice. But as soon as it flattened out, I was tired again. And I have a loong way to go.

I pulled through -- sweating like a pig. During my run, I was lucky that when I walked, no one was around. When I ran, I passed people. But there really wasn't anyone around. I couldn't figure out why NO ONE was around. The playing fields were empty (I think they were closed for watering/seeding), the tennis courts, etc. It was like a ghost town! I wondered if somehow, I fell into a time warp.

But I didn't. And despite having a pretty yucky run, I did do it.

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