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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That's Why They Have Bells!

I didn't quite understand why nearly every cat collar I looked at had some kind of bell thing on it. I thought it was cute, but really? Is this some sort of mass marketing way of stereotyping cats? They need bells?

Well, that question came from a very naive cat owner. I now know why they have bells. So you can find the darn thing, or at the very least, be warned that they are about to attack you before you go down the stairs.

The girls have taken the collar off. I have at night, otherwise, Sunkist comes jingling into my bed around 1AM, which wakes me before he pounces on my hand to play.

And when that collar is off? There is no way we can find him. Not that we often look (we do) but you know, it's kind of nice to know where he's at so we don't step on him.

So far, Sunkist has been quite a delight. Those kitties sure are sneaky, quiet buggers.

Of course, I'm not sure if I'm doing proper cat training. But Sunkist likes to pounce on my hand and attack it. So I just give him a little shake and join in the fun, despite lots of bite marks and scratches. Will this make my cat a biter? I think so. But I don't want it to be so.

The cat can eat too. Who knew they were such voracious eaters. I pour a little bit of the cat food into the bowl, maybe every few hours (more than I feed my dog) and he's there, practically eating it out of my hands before I get it into the bowl.

Do cats figure out their names? I see nothing when I call out "Sunkist"! He does respond to my "pst...pst...pst" but only sometimes. He does follow me around, or Tim, or the girls, so he does have some attachment to us, even if it is just to attack my foot.

He plays with Brenna and the funny thing is: Brenna seems to think she's as agile as the cat. So when the cat FLIES across the room, jumping up on the couch or ottoman as it flees from Brenna, Brenna tries to do the same thing. The problem is that Brenna is a big dog at about 60+ pounds and 60 lbs + behemoth <> agile.

The cat and Brenna play fight. It's not easy to watch because Brenna's head is bigger than the entire cat. And she puts her mouth onto one little kitty paw, it looks as though I'll soon have a three-legged cat, but she let's go and just continues with the head or the next paw.

I don't know how Brenna endures the kitty teeth and scratching on her face. It's hard enough for me to endure when I hand wrestle her. Which, I told the girls, I don't mind the pain (I do have a tolerance for some pain...remember the back tattoo??). So when Mi-Mi gets the wrath of Sunkist, who starts biting and playing with her, she scoops her up, places her in my laps and says "Here's mommy. She likes pain."

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