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Friday, August 29, 2008

Talk Dirty To Me

I enjoy listening to talk radio shows. I can't live without Keith and the Girl on my run. And in the morning, here in Raleigh, I listen to Bob and the Showgram.

Most people would not admit to it. In fact, I think most people like to proclaim how lame the show is and never listen to it (but have an opinion) or are closet listeners. And since I could care less what others think, I listen and ENJOY the show.

They make me laugh. Bob is one funny guy. And if you can tell a tale that keeps me in tuned...and you can make me have my attention.

However, Bob is a complete 180 degree personality from mine. And when he gets on his pedestal on issues I disagree with, then I have to roll my eyes and turn it off.

And today was one of those days. It's not that I get angered by his statements. It's that they are exasperating. It becomes silly. As silly as talking to some of my family members about politics. It's shocking to hear stupid, ignorant statements coming out of their mouths as TRUTHS. That's what bugs me.

So today, the first statement was Bob stating that Obama is not a great speaker (what?!) without the help of a teleprompter. Um, no matter who I was rooting for throughout the primaries, the last thing anyone would say about Obama is that he's a bad speaker. He's one of the greatest orators of our time. And teleprompters? Who gives a shit? I believe that's been a mainstay of our it's a moot point.

But he was relentless when Mike argued that, he has seen him twice live without any teleprompting, and the dude still was awesome. NO HE'S NOT. HE'S NOTHING. Just ignorant statements by someone who has made his mind up about something and has no proof backing it. You know, just state an opinion. But don't speak as though your vapid statements are facts.

BTW, Bob said to watch his speech now because it's the last time we will see Obama...implying McCain will win. I'm watching it now and well, that stadium is packed. And apparently, there are a ton more outside of the stadium. And the Obama fever I sense from people who favor him is unlike anything I have ever seen or experienced in my lifetime. I have to think that this is what JFK and MLK Jr. had over their time. It's quite chilling, in a superb way.

Okay. That's the politics. Here is the next thing that makes me shake my head: Guitar Hero is a message from the devil.

You heard it right. Bob feels strongly that Guitar Hero is evil and allows one to communicate the devil's message.

He received Guitar Hero as a gift. He played it and loved it. But because there are pentagrams within the game, and the music is, um, what do you say, _like_ devil's music, and apparently, the point of the game is a duel with the devil (ala Devil Went Down To Georgia), he promptly returned it for a refund.

But Kentucky Kristin mentioned a _Christian_ version of the game, where it's Christian music vs. rock-n-roll, so now he's stoked about getting that one so that he's not playing with or for the devil. Well, I can tell you one thing right now: LAME-OH. CHRISTIAN MUSIC GUITAR HERO? I can't think of any other marketing line that would make me want to throw up more...oh wait...BUY MAXIM. That would make me hurl. And I'd love to hurl on the editor and writers of the unsexiest women in the world...but don't get me started on that thread again. I might not be able to be as restrained as I was before.

And as I turned the radio off to listen to Obama's speech, they were then talking about Harry Potter. Another funny idea from Bob: Harry Potter is evil...devilish ideas come from this book. If you read it, your promoting the devil. And if you let your children read it, you're a bad parent.


  1. I am so identifying with this post. I too like Bob & the Showgram, except when Bob gets annoying like this.

    BTW, last night i was at the Royal (same place as bookclub), and there was a pretty large Obama rally there in the interior mall area. It was pretty cool. I got my picture taken with a life-size Obama cardboard cutout. (-: And he was an amazing speaker, teleprompters or not!

    The Harry Potter thing has been one of my peeves for awhile - my mom feels the same way, that HP is evil. I don't know where this stuff comes from! Why is it any different than Cinderella's fairy godmother?

  2. Yeah, I agree. I love B&tSG, but you can't take his comments to heart. They are his opinions, and he has the right to voice them. I do the same, and turn it off. He view of Obama doesn't surprise. He's a pretty blatant racist, even though he pretends not to be. He's still a pretty funny guy. They all are, actually...