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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Talk About A Bad Day...

This day, actually, takes place over the last half of yesterday and the first half of today. And it's not over...

Although I think the bad luck started earlier in the day, I will start with the "bug bite".

Actually, I have no idea what bit me. I thought for sure it must be a wasp or a bee. I was getting the mail and suddenly, the top of my left foot felt like I had just dropped a lit cigarette on top of it. Burning, fire, extreme, shocking pain.

I look down and immediately notice a red dot -- the apparent bite mark. I hop inside the house and Mi-Mi, who had walked the very same area just seconds before, was waiting for me, wondering what was wrong with me.

I then googled stings, mainly to find out what it was: a bee or a wasp? I knew wasps could have nests in the ground - and I searched (carefully) for one but didn't see anything.

Anyway, I followed's steps to treat the sting: ice it, put neosporin on it, take ibuprofen. Within 10 minutes of this, I conked out.

Fortunately, the house didn't fall apart during my "nap".

Afterwards, I checked my voicemail messages and found out that I had missed an appointment. My doc was calling to find out why I hadn't shown up, as it was not normal for me to be late (Tim: did you hear that???). Great. Now I have to deal with a missed appt. and I'm not in the mood for this...and of course, I feel bad for not knowing about it.

And my house key is lost. Mi-Mi somehow lost the key in the seconds that she opened the front door and I hopped in. It's gone. I have no clue where it is.

And not that this is totally a bad thing, but CJ and I stayed up watching The Big Blue, which was the never-ending movie. It was fine, not great, but damn, it was long. I looked at the box and while it didn't state how long the movie ran, it did state that it had "49 minutes of additional footage". Sigh.

Then today: I have to get up early, yet again (I like to sleep!), for a mammogram appointment. After that, I'm going to work (working from home this week) since I have several meetings.

I leave early for the mammogram -- plenty of time. I hit the road and I realize that I am thinking the appt. is at Raleigh Radiology but I'm sure I was trying to make it for Wake Radiology. Where the hell is it? Blue Ridge? Which Blue Ridge? Lake Boone Trail sounds familiar.

I call Tim to see if he can check my work calendar. No go; no answer.

I drive to The Atrium, which is where I _think_ Wake Radiology is. I walk in and well, there is no indication of any Radiology in this building. Walk out.

Decide to use the GPS to find Wake Radiology. I find it and realize that THIS was the place that I had my last mammogram. Why did I think it was at the Atrium? Oh, because I had chest x-rays there...years ago. But, um, there is nothing radiological in that place. My mind is now confused. I'm frazzled. But somewhat relieved because I'm confident I have found the right place.

But I am wrong. The person states she doesn't have me listed as having an appointment. Is it "Raleigh Radiology" she asks? Yes, I say but inside I say "I'm an idiot and she knows it."

So I ask her "that's the one on Blue Ridge, right?" She says yes.

I get back into the car and then use the GPS for Raleigh Radiology. It has two locations "Blue Ridge" and "Lake Boone Trail". Great. Did I pick Lake Boone Trail?

So I call 411 to find out where the appt. is. And the stupid 411 guy says "what location? I have Blue Ridge and Lake Boone Trail. Um, that's what I'm trying to find out -- is there a central number. He ignores the question ("uh, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry"...old beavis and butthead attribute) and repeats the locations to choose from. I say "give me Blue Ridge", exasperated more at him than me.

I call Blue Ridge and they confirm that I have an 8AM appt. with them at the Blue Ridge location. Thanks. It's now 7:58.

The GPS, however, takes me to a different Blue Ridge location. I'm driving in circles and end up at one of the medical offices that has no indication of being Raleigh Radiology.

Now, I've been to Raleigh Radiology before but because I thought for sure the mammogram center would be somewhere else, I didn't go right to the place I knew where Raleigh Radiology was. Why? I don't know. Because I'm an idiot.

I finally go to the Raleigh Radiology place that has always been in one location and walk in. I know that THIS is not the place I had intended to make my mammogram appt. because I had mammograms at WAKE RADIOLOGY. Again, I curse myself for being an idiot. I remember making the appt. and being just satisfied as hell that I was making it at, what I thought, was the WAKE RADIOLOGY place.

Now, it's 8:15. I'm late. I'm frazzled. I even doubt that I have an appt. now and fortunately, the nice woman assures me that I am indeed listed.

And all this time? I feel ill. My tummy hasn't been agreeing with me all day. I think it's gas, or something. And then I think it feels kind of crampy. It'll go away. It's not that bad.

I get the mammogram done -- which, BTW -- the stupid machines MUST be made by men. Making us contort just to get that image of a boob. You bastards! And just in case you didn't know, flattening your boob as flat as a pancake doesn't mean something gets pushed into your chest, like a board. It means that the radiologist pulls the boob, places it between two things VERTICALLY, and one thing smushes it down to the the other thing. So: Pull boob into thing. Thing is perpendicular to my body. Other thing smushes boob (as flat as a pancake) into the first thing. The things are PERPENDICULAR TO MY BODY.

Men. You still don't get it. All you have to do is cough.

I digress.

Once the boob thing is over, I now feel much shittier. My tummy cramps are worse and by golly, I've just had a shitty time. All I want to do now is curl up in bed, rest, hope my tummy feels better, and cry.

I call to let everyone know I'm on my way home: cancel the sitter. Tim says he's taking the girls out for breakfast and I mention that I have on last errand to run before getting home.

Errand is done. I get home. All I can think about is crawling into my freshly made bed. Curling up and soothing my belly cramps. And maybe just cry for the stress I've put myself under this morning.

I get to the door and it's locked. I look for my house key when it dawns on me: it's lost. BAH!! I'm now stuck outside of my house. My cozy bed is waiting for me. And now I must wait for the brood to arrive from breakfast to let me in.

They finally arrive and I'm pretty pissed. Not at them -- at the whole fucking day. And it's only 9:30. I curl up in bed. My tummy cramps are gone but now I feel achy.

So, I thought this was a wasp sting until Tim allowed the idea of a "spider bite" to enter my head. So after my snooze, I google spider bites and find a lot of gruesome pictures of spider bites that go untreated. Of course, this is rare. But the symptoms include "stomach cramps, headache, and fatigue".

GREAT. I have all of that.

The problem is I OFTEN have that. So how do I know I'm not just projecting my shitty day into these symptoms???

I don't. I called the doc and left a message.

And my foot itches like crazy.

And it's only 1:30 PM. The day is not over. I still have room for more bad day shit to happen.

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