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Thursday, August 21, 2008


This morning, during my run with Frank, I was going on about the over-spending of rich people.

Of course, I know nothing about rich people except my own stereotype-casting in my head. But it made for a good topic.

I was trying to figure out why rich people feel the need to spend more for items than not. One example I had thought of was: why don't they shop at Target? Do they really need to purchase an item of clothing for $2500 vs. $25?

I mentioned that, for me, getting something at a bargain is, well, like a little high for me. If I purchased something for $10 that was originally 50-100, I don't care if it's Target or Macy's, I'M THRILLED!!!

Can rich people experience this type of thrill? Or is just the instant-gratification 'thrill'?

One of my points -- conversations during runs can get so titillating -- was whether I would become this sort of person if I were to become rich. I told Frank that I couldn't imagine that I would buy shoes for $500 even as a rich which he said "my wife would! she loves shoes!"

Well, I do too but I still think I would be a scrooge when it came to spending big bucks on shoes.

But I understood what he meant: his wife has a weakness for splurging on something. I told him I know I have one and I just have to think about it.

I think I have it. I would splurge on my hair. What, you say? HAIR?

Yes. Hair!

Granted, I've already spent nearly that much in one sitting and by god, i didn't think it was worth it and will NOT do that again (unless I'm rich, of course). But I love doing lots of things with my hair. And color on a dark haired person like me is not cheap. And I like, well, MULTIPLE, colors in my hair.

Then there's the cut and blow dry. I love that. That's my splurge. Must get my hair washed (my most favorite part of a hair appointment) and then styled via blow drying.

And then I'd have to pay to get it conditioned occasionally because it's not that healthy to have this hair colored that many times with that many colors.

So I found my rich-person splurge! I wouldn't blink twice at paying $500 in one sitting to get my hair done.

But for $575, I might have a problem...

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