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Monday, August 25, 2008

Recycle Me

As I was sorting my recyclables into the City of Raleigh green bins, I started thinking "What do my neighbors think when they see my recyclables?"

Not that I care...but I do tend to look at my neighbors bins as I pass by them. "Wow! They drink a lot of OJ." Or, Budweiser? Really?

So every week, I wonder if my neighbors look at my bins and try to figure me out.

One bin is almost always entire full-to-overflowing of Le Bleu bottled water. I LOVE Le Bleu. No other bottled water tastes quite the same. Forget Dasani, Evian...they do not hold a spring to what Le Bleu provides. I buy them by the caseloads...and I drink A LOT of them. So does Tim. So does CJ. So does Mi-Mi.

One bin is dedicated to paper products. So all those cases of Le Bleu I buy? The boxes they are contained in go into this one. Then my weekend subscription to the N&O. And believe it or not, sometimes those older issues of Playboy (Tim reads them exclusively for the articles; I, on the other hand, prefer the pictures). All of our coffee boxes (for our Keurig) and A LOT of paper towel and toilet paper tubes.

My third and final bin contains tins and glass. So, a few soda cans appear in there; canned tomatoes or veggies...but the majority of it are the bottles of wine. And on a good week, Tim's liquor bottles are in there...and maybe a few bottles of Corona Lights. Hey! there ARE seven days in a week!

I usually place one of the other bins on top of the bottle bin, so the neighbors don't obtain too much information about me. Unless they snoop.

And of course, it's not like I care...


  1. How do you get extra bins? I think we need an entire bin just for the cans of beer & soda consumed in a week. An extra bin to put by the side of the road would really be nice.

  2. You can get extra ones for $6 each. You can order by calling 919-831-6890 and using Visa/Master. I ordered two and had one with the house. I had to order these after attempting to use newly purchased bins -- just for recycling -- were THROWN AWAY with the rest of the trash.