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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Pit

I have been wanting to try The Pit out since shortly after it opened. It was on my own "short list" for places to go for Tim and I's anniversary earlier this month, but chose Bogart's instead.

We took a chance and decided to give it a try last night. We were pleasantly pleased.

So The Pit is a barbeque place.

Like Wilbur's BBQ. If you haven't had Wilbur's then you have really missed something quite good. Tim and I used to live in Goldsboro -- in our other life -- and Wilbur's was our regular place for BBQ. In fact, when we lived in our double-wide, it was just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away...

I haven't had great BBQ since moving to Raleigh. Tim and I frequented B's in Greenville, NC. But nothing in Raleigh has compared to Wilbur's nor B's. And that includes atmosphere. B's was like being at somebody's country house...

But the pitmaster of The Pit is Ed Mitchell, who owned and pitmastered Mitchell's BBQ in Wilson...another home turf for those of us who lived in Eastern NC (that would include Tim and I).

So this was not a yuppie-fied version of BBQ. This was true-blue Eastern North Carolina BBQ, mudder-fudder!

But for BBQ to be good, one has to be in the BBQ mood. And last evening, we were.

The Pit is located in downtown Raleigh. In fact, it's in the same location that Nana's Chophouse used to be in. This is significant *for me* because Tim and I had our anniversary dinner there three years ago and the very next day, I was stricken with my mysterious illness that put me out of a normal life for nearly four months. Doesn't sound long, but when you feel chronically ill every hour of every day - and no one can fix you - it's an eternity.

ANYWAYZ, I remember the location well. In fact, nothing has changed much in the interior decor. But the atmosphere is much livelier. How can it not when serving BBQ?

And the best part of this BBQ place? A wondrous wine selection, beer, and a frickin' BAR! You can't find that at Wilbur's, B's or any BBQ place here in Raleigh. I don't know why it is, but booze is rarely-to-never served at BBQ places.

I enjoyed a nice glass of a Spanish red (can't recall it now) with my $12 whole hog order, which included collards and mashed potatoes and gravy.

CJ enjoyed a half rack of baby backs and Tim feasted on BBQ chicken with his candied yams and baked beans.

Before our entrees, I munched on crab fritters while everyone draped butter over their hush puppies.

I saw Ed Mitchell speaking to the table next to me with envy. Who the fudge are they? Look at us! We *really* like BBQ!!

Anyway, despite the double in price than B's or Wilbur's, the food was exceptional. It is definitely the best BBQ I've had since G'ville and G'boro. In the words of the gov-nah of CA, "I'll be bahck."

The Pit
328 W. Davie Street

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