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Sunday, August 31, 2008


It seems that I have managed to alleviate the pain from my left foot. There are hints of it, depending on what shoes I wear, but for the most part, running hasn't aggravated it.

This, I believe, is due to the fact that I have switched from my ClimaCools (those are shoes) to my Adrenalines (and those are shoes). Plus, I'm using my orthotics.

So the only pain I was dealing with for awhile was the heat and humidity.

But for the past two weeks, another pain has hit me: shin splints.

I think it's the shoes. The Adrenalines are pretty old. I have no idea how many miles I have on them because I rarely used them up until recently. But I did purchase them shortly before buying the orthotics and I am pretty sure that was at least three years ago.

But the shoes are heavy. I feel like I have two weights on the bottom of my foot when I wear them. Then with the orthotics in them, they are even weightier.

Plus, with hot feet, they feel more hot in these. And more, how to put it, claustrophobic in them. I mean, there is literally no least not compare to other shoes, especially my ClimaCools.

I'll have to go back and try the ClimaCools again, since those were fairly new. When I bought my orthotics, the PT guy said that virtually any shoe should work for me because the orthotics would take care of my fucked up feet. But I ran with those in my trail shoes and my ClimaCools and I still had the foot pain. I am hoping that since it was early on in the left foot pain problem, that I just didn't give it a chance to kick in.

I'll have to see if I can take a break from running to heal up. I know I have made it worse by not changing shoes, or continuing to run because it was difficult to run Saturday with the pain.

Now, I am making an assumption it is the shoes. It could be a number of other things: over-training, tight calf muscles, running too fast (I can't imagine that this could be it :-)). But with a rest day or two, the over-training should be ruled out...and then the shoe change.

I'll be glad to rid me of those Adrenalines anyway. They smell.

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