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Thursday, August 21, 2008

More On Phobias...

Reading the comments on esoteric phobias reminds me of other things I don't like...whether it's a phobia or not:

- changing light bulbs or breaking light bulbs: i used to get shocked a lot as a kid, changing light blubs in lamps. I swear I would change them unplugged and yet, I still got shocked (this may be a mucked up memory now). But breaking light bulbs (accidental breakage) gives me a ringing in my ear and a head ache. So for the most part, I am afraid of changing light bulbs and I'll leave a room if a light bulb breaks

- mice: i am scared of mice. I will be the stereotypical female standing on the table if a mouse is around. I will be like George from the Seinfeld episode, where a fire breaks out with kids around and he screams and does his best to get away, no matter if it means leaving children kids will be all alone if there is a mouse in the house...I will scream bloody murder and run (if I can move) out of the house...

- frogs/toads: I think I'm almost over this fear. I used to scream and freeze if there was a frog nearby...much like the mice thing. In the Philippines, the frogs/toads are HUGE. They would be creamed by cars in my neighborhood. Yuck. And then I saw a filipino movie with a big ass toad/frog (like godzilla) and it scared the shit out of me, so it continued. I think I am growing out of it, although i don't need anyone to shock me with a real life frog and go HEY! Here's a frog! I would probably revert to my phobia...

- deep water: this may be a legitimate phobia. I can die content that I never scuba dived. Don't need it in my life nor do I want it; NOR do I envy anyone that does it. Good for you if you can do it. But watching real-life documentaries of under water stuff, like finding the titanic, or looking for Atlantis...while I can watch it, it scares me to watch it as though I'm watching a scary movie. My breath shallows and I'm anxious. When I lived on Guam, I once got into a small boat with friends of mine and had a panic attack with the changes of color within the water. The darker, the deeper and where I was, these were like spots of deep blue around the other blue. And reading about the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest trench in the entire world, fascinating but scary as hell for me.

- drainage grates: again, I think I can deal with these better than before but I usually avoid drainage grates...i recall being frozen mid-pace if I came upon a grate. I notice that I have been able to deal with them better -- even running over them as of the last few years -- but my youngest is afraid of them, so I think this is a legitimate fear.

- revolving doors: i read this on one of the comments...I have it too. I can go in but I want to hurry and get through. If I didn't, I would probably panic. If given a choice, I go through the regular door...

- big lizards: again, growing up in the Philippines, I saw some men with a dead monitor lizard that was the size of a dog (well, in my mind, it is the size of a deer, but again, I was a kid then)...OMG, that was the weirdest thing to was supersized...I was used to seeing small lizards, even catching them as a kid...and geckos were part of the normal household...but this thing was not supposed to be this big. And thus, seeing monitor lizards or the Komodo Dragon makes me gasp. Recently, there was the story about the divers who were stranded on an Indonesian island populated only with Komodo Dragons just freaked the hell out of me.

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  1. Clearly, I'm way behind on my blogs. My odd phobia is the fear of doorknobs (or more accurately, the fear of being shocked by doorknobs).