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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mi-Mi's First Day of Kindergarten

Today was Mi-Mi's first day of Kindergarten.

There is a staggered entry for Kindergarten. And in this case, it starts with just one day this week and then she starts back next Monday, this time full-time.

Also, she does not have a class assigned yet. At this particular school, she goes in today, does 'things' (I assume, read, write, etc), and then she's assessed on her abilities and then placed into a class with other children that are in her 'range'.

So I have been really worried about her and Kindergarten.

Mi-Mi has been with the same general set of people at her daycare and pre-school. She's familiar. She's comfortable. She's queen of the facility.

Now she must start all over with new people, new faces. She's not ever been very good with NEW.

I didn't go with her today. I tend to feel more anxious and I think it rubs off on my girls. And when I am anxious, I tend to get, jittery and, well, it comes across as pissy. That's the last thing that Mi-Mi needs today.

So, the fabulous father that he is, Tim followed the duty of escorting her to her classroom. He wrote a nice note about the big day and sent it to me and family:

Just dropped my baby girl off for her first day of kindergarten. She told me this morning how excited and nervous she was - said she couldn't sleep last night and wasn't very hungry for breakfast. She picked out her outfit last night after Cindy gave her a bath. She got up early without help, and came down looking for me. First thing she wanted to do was pack up lunch in her little Barbie backpack. I helped her get it out and we opened the lunch box part to get started. I saw a little slip of paper in it and went to throw it away and then saw there was writing on it. It was a note from CJ that said "good luck Mi-Mi love CJ". It had a little crayon heart on it and I damn near dropped a tear.

I hung on thru he morning as she and CJ got ready. CJ helped her with her backpack and we all got to school and walked in together. CJ wanted to go with her to get everything set, so she tagged along for some of it. We got her picture taken, and went thru several stations for different paperwork stuff. She would answer their questions and tell them her name - all in that little un sure voice. Held my hand tight but didn't waiver. At the last station the lady asked if she was nervous and I told her yes, but excited as well. Told her not to worry if she got a few tears. Lady said that was normal and they get it everyday from kids and parents. I joked that I thought I could make it. But, the time came to give Mi-Mi big hug and kiss bye. Told her I loved her and would see her soon and to have a great day. She hugged and said o.k. in that same little bitty voice. I watched her walk away with that big damn book bag and now I'm out in the truck writing this thru the tears like a big old baby..

When I got home, I asked Mi-Mi how her first day was.

Did you cry?
No. All of my teachers were very nice.

Do you know who your teacher will be?
No. They did not tell me. I think they all will be my teacher.

Later I asked if she read.
Yes, I read them everything!

Time just flies. I still remember taking CJ to her first day of Kindergarten...and here she is, helping Mi-Mi as an experienced 5th grader.


  1. Awww, this is a sweet post. Makes me sad to think about Maddie's first day of kindergarten. It seems like it is a long time from now, but I know it will be here before I can blink an eye.

  2. I actually got a little tear myself. I'm such a sap for this kind of stuff. Funny thing is, the kids end up being so strong and make friends so easily, while we stress all day. Jen and I were both like that about Robbie this year starting 1st grade. I'll fill you in on that story another time...

  3. OMG! My baby went to kindergarten.I jujst can't believe it!!! My daughter started her first day of high school on Monday and I was a mess then but just reading that story about mi-mi has ma a total reck!!! I remember when she was a baby in I-2 in December and I had taken the day off and when I came to pick up my own child and mia was there crying her eyes out. I felt worse about leaving her then my own child...then we you told me you were going to have to leave with a babysitter that night I almost died. "Please let me watch her" and you did I wish I could still be there for Mia....but it sounds like she is doing just fine without me. I will always love her just the same though.