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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Maxim Fuckwads

Yes, I said it: FUCKWADS. The people of Maxim magazine, or whoever was the idiot behind "The World's Unsexiest Women" list.

Who the fuck would even come up with such a dumb-ass top ten list? I mean, there are some really ridiculous top ten lists out there, but this one takes the cake.

First off: has one, or two fuckwads, been able to evaluate every woman in the ENTIRE world to determine who would be the unsexiest?

Second: who the fuck are you to judge who is sexy and who is not?

Third: you are a fuckwad...and your buddy is a fuckwad for validating this...and then maxim magazine, YOU ARE ALL FUCKWADS for printing it.

What crawled up your tight ass and died that you had to publish such a hare-brain, negative, catty article? Jealous? Pissed? WTF is your problem? Because you certainly have one to put something like this out there.

I think it's lame and pitiful. And unfortunately, you all, who printed this, probably feel really good about yourself...and profit for such negative publicity based on aesthetics. You couldn't do something different and provide newsworthy, meaningful, life-enlightening articles. Probably because you just don't have the intelligence to actually THINK about really remarkable issues that could affect people positively.

Nope. Let's be Beavis and Butthead and call people "unsexy". People we get to pick! Brilliant. I think Pulitzer has your number.

And if you believe that...

...which I bet you do because you guys are FUCKWADS.

BTW, I've created a special tag JUST FOR YOU.

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