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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another Asshole That Should Die

I read about this case -- where Texas has defied the World Court on execution of this good-for-nothing. And when I read the brief statement of his doing:

They were drinking after initiating a new member and intercepted 16-year-old Elizabeth Pena and 14-year-old Jennifer Ertman, who were taking a shortcut home across a railroad bridge in Houston. The gang members attacked the girls for an hour before strangling them and letting their bodies decompose in a field. Their remains were found four days later.

It sounds gruesome? Not even close.

I read about this case a year or so before. There's a site devoted to folk on death row, detailing their crimes. And I mean DETAILS. Many entries for one man can be pages long.

This asshole and his cohorts were one of those cases. And it was more than an hour of CONTINUOUS torture, CONTINUOUS gang rape, CONTINUOUS beating...the details of what those girls must have gone through, based on their injuries, is so much more gruesome than that little paragraph, which is bad enough.

I used to feel somewhat like 'switzerland' -- the morality of killing someone (death row) vs. paying for your crime. Over the years, I've sided one way or the other, depending on the case. I've written to governors to allow DNA testing before executing death row inmates and I would, in this case, implore the governor to pull the trigger.

This man and his stupid friends deserve no life. The horrible, brutal actions they put on these two girls used up any nine lives they may have had.

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