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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Just Called...

I had a phone conversation with my five year old earlier in the afternoon. She has become a phone addict and I receive about three phone calls from her daily, not including any text messages she may send.

Most phone calls go like this:
Me: Hello?
Me: Hi baby! How are you?
Her: Good.
Me: Did you want to talk about something?
Her: Did _you_ want to talk about something?
Me: Not really.
Me: Okay baby, I love you.
Her: Bye Bye.

Today it went like this:
Me: Hi baby!
Me: How are you today?
Her: GOOD!
Me: What are you doing?
Her: Getting ready to go to the doctor's office [it will be her five year old check-up].
Me: Are you nervous or excited?
Her: I'm not nervous!
Me: You don't need to be - the doctor is so nice.
Her: I don't think I will cry if I get a shot.
Me: Really? That's great!
Her: Yeah, cause I'm five now.
Me: Well, it doesn't matter if you do. Shots can hurt but they are good. They keep you from getting sick.
Her: Daddy said if they give me a shot, he will hold my hand.
Me: Well that will help a lot. Besides, you did that for daddy, right? [Tim had an appt. a few days ago in which he got a shot. She was with him.]
Her: No, I didn't get to hold his hand because the doctor stood in front of me.
Me: Oh, how rude of him! Well, I wish I could be there with you but I have a meeting.
Her: I'm sad that you have a meeting.
Me: Me too.
Her: If you didn't have a meeting then I wouldn't have to call you back to tell you about my doctor's appointment.
Me: Yeah. And I could hold your hand. But I can hold you tonight when I get home.
Her: yeah, you will know I got a shot because I'll have a band-aid. We can watch Spongebob and I can sit in your lap...if Spongebob is on.
Me: You can still cuddle with me. I'll hold you like you're a baby.
Her: Okay.
Me: I love you!
Her: Bye Bye.

Well, the end result is that she had to endure three shots. She could be brave for one of those shots, but THREE was a bit much to endure. She told me, when I got home, that she cried. I told her I would too if I had to get three shots!

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