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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Great Clips

Not so great today...I've taken the kids to this place before and it's been fine.

Today I wanted to get Mi-Mi's hair cut. It is ratty and nappy and she doesn't comb it...and neither do I. So I decided it was time to cut it short and headed to Great Clips for a quick, cheap cut.

And that is exactly what we got.

I stood and watched and after I noticed it was not going well, I wasn't sure how to handle it. I can be a real douche bag but I couldn't today.

This woman took clipping shears -- clippers...the kind used to shave the back of a man's head -- to cut her hair! I have never seen that done and I thought that perhaps, she would clean it up with scissors afterwards. She did no such thing.

Mi-Mi had to stand while she sat in a chair and clipped it. At some point, I was just ready to go and find another place to fix it. Which is exactly what we did.

I drove across the street, to Supercuts, and explained what had happened. The girl was super nice and fixed it quite nicely. She was shocked and also said she had never heard of anyone using clippers on a little girl.

So all in all, I spent more money on a five year olds haircut (but it's still WAY LESS than what I pay for mine) and now, I have this cute little bob head girl...Tim calls her Katee, for the girl on So You Think You Can Dance...

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